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Pre-Screening Talent Performance Days

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Dream Big! - Go International!

Our regional Model and Talent Pre-Screening Live Performance events will allow a participant to work in any one or all categories we offer:

Singing* Dancing* Acting* Modelling* – we suggest that when you send us your enrolment that you enter in at least two of the set categories of participation as the more categories that you enter the more chances you THEN stand of being invited to Perform @ the LIVE ANUA Showcase.

After enrolment all Category requirements will be provided to you up-front in easy-read format – so don't miss this golden opportunity to Showcase your Talent at one of our family themed Talent/Model Live One-on-One Pre-Screening events and become an ANUA Rising Star!

We accept entrants from as young as 6 years of age right up to the mature performer – talent is talent in our books! Bring your Family along for a fascinating and exciting day of performance, and receive open, honest feedback from Industry professionals who have your best-interests at heart.

Our talented and professional Crew will work with you extensively on your initial Pre-Screening Talent Performance Day. We will also provide constructive and positive feedback during the actual event – and you won't have long to wait to find out if you have been accepted to participate in the next annual ANUA Rising Stars Rising Talent Showcase.

The benefits that the ANUA (A>R>T>S) Showcase offers:

  • Showcase your Talent in a highly professional, yet supportive and encouraging environment that offers credible and prestigious participation.
  • Perform in front of great agents and professional Showcase Directors in the business, all at the same time on the same day!
  • Learn from industry professionals who share their knowledge and expertise in seminars and hands-on workshops.
  • Meet and interview one-on-one with agents and managers, and discuss your career goals and potential.
  • Build lifelong friendships with people who have similar interests and goals.
  • Enjoy exciting and unforgettable Live Performance Showcase events... These offer the experience of a lifetime!
  • Receive a Certificate of Participation afterwards – this adds to your Biography and Artists/Models portfolio.
  • Add ANUA Education and training information to your portfolio, so that casting Directors and Agencies can see you’ve received professional and legitimate training.


The ANUA Crew will email you updates, venue and performance requirements before-hand in order to support your introduction into the Industry. We are also available for further discussion and guidance – our goal is to support your ambition and talent and be proud of what can be achieved when you say Yes to the Dress!


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