Meet The Producers

Nico Goosen and Paul Kershaw are Producers and Directors of the ANUA RISING STARS TALENT SHOWCASE (A>R>T>S) and have partnered together for 15 years, managing the ANUA Showcase in its growth phase hands-on for the past several years They both have strong Arts & Entertainment back-grounds in stage, performance, talent, marketing event planning and fashion design. Together, Nico and Paul are a strong and positive team with extensive experience and connections in the Industry and are also owners and Directors of the Top-rated ANUA Music & Performing ARTS school in Benoni (near Johannesburg).The ANUA Showcase is an ever-evolving platform supporting the Performing Arts and Fashion Industry due to their involvement and ever-growing plans. They are ably supported by a host of ANUA Crew members, all participating in education, teaching and performing in the Industry. You will meet these extremely talented artists during your involvement with the ANUA Showcase.

The Vocal Coach

The Vocal Coach Nico G

Nico is the Principal Director of the exclusive and top-graded ANUA School of Music & Performing ARTS – and is a motivating and inspiring stage performer whose music career began at a very early age as he performed on stages around South Africa. At the young age of 8 years, he performed as the lead singer and choreographer for a hit 80's South African child pop band and also performed in cover bands at many shows, weddings, church conferences and events during these formative years.

Originally trained by the late legendary South African born international Opera & Singing Star, Eve Boswell and as an ex-dance teacher and runway model, this highly experienced performance coach is passionate and enthusiastic in the continued development of vocal/singing technique and projection.

Nico continuously upgrades his skills by working with courses and workshops offered by leading international vocal coaches in order to be able to train his students in the very best vocal and performance techniques utilized by today's mega-performing artists. This allows his students to receive the highest available education and training on the same level as mega-stars such as Michael Buble, Beyonce, Josh Groban and Barbra Streisand to name only a few.

Nico G is also the Vocal Coach for the (SA) International Talent Show’s Pre-ARTS EXPO Boot camps and also a Producer & Director of the annual ANUA Rising Star Talent Showcase and the South African Vocal Facilitator for Pop Rock Syllabus for Trinity College London and is currently working on attaining his International Licentiate Diploma in vocals with T.C.L. His methodology, vocal exercises and scientifically proven coaching techniques are used to enhance and bring out the best in every serious and committed student.

Twitter: #thevocalcoachnico-g; Facebook: Nico G Vocal & Performing Coach; Tel: 083 663 5878 or ANUA office 011 425 4471

Paul Kershaw

Paul Kershaw (Creative Director)

With much experience as an ex-dancer and boutique model in my younger years and along with my fashion & clothing design experience my focus @ ANUA is to ensure growth is a continuous and transparent process by creating platforms and events that are designed to facilitate excellence in performance.

As a Producer and Director of the life-changing ANUA Rising Star Talent Showcase I am always in awe at the range of talent and beauty that we come across in our work – it uplifts me every time I see a great performance from an artist who is willing to give and do what it takes to get to the top and stay there! We also have to uplift the industry by ensuring that each one our learners becomes a Rising Star in their own right by paying attention to image and "Performer Product" on a business level. With a high-reaching and committed partnership with Nico G – our Principal Director, and along-side our incredibly passionate educators and coaches, the quality of education that ANUA offers is unsurpassed in its nature and approach.

Passion runs high here within all of us at the helm of ANUA and it’s with gratitude and honour that I serve the industry and all the students (and parents) that entrust us with their ARTS education. My motto is "To Be Successful – Do Only What Matters".

Facebook: Paul Kershaw; Tel: 082 783 0109; ANUA Office: 011 4254471