Artist Opportunities @ ANUA

Artist Branding

#eatPOPcorn Productions works with many artists to manage all these aspects. They develop logos (still and animated), model and artist portfolios, studio and outdoor photography, video slates and intro’s, build and run social media platforms as well as work on an artist or models public image and marketing projects and developments.

International Opportunity

The Anua Rising Stars Showcase is an opportunity for performers to be win a fully sponsored trip to attend iPOP in Las Vegas whilst also competing and learning about the industry along with the very best talent and models that South Africa has to offer each year. Think Educational Bootcamp and International Competition all-in-one!

Charity Outreach Program


Who is Kids Haven?

Kids Haven opened in 1992 to serve the homeless (street) children and children in crisis in the Ekurhuleni region, South Africa. Everything we do is focused on protecting these children and giving them a future. These children require empowerment and education just like children from structured and supported homes.

Community Outreach

Over the last few years, each coach at ANUA has taken on one of the youngsters who live at Kids Haven, and have mentored and taught their students in Music & Performing Arts. The ultimate goal for these struggling youngsters is to ensure that they become self- supportive and are able to earn an income for themselves and their families as they develop their skills and talent. It is imperative to understand that just like any youngster from any home that these homeless youngsters cannot stay at Kids Haven and must be able to carry their own life requirements for themselves at some point.

Success Story

Diana Collage 2017

One of the success stories coming from this program has been Diana (pictured below) who is now working hard to enter the industry as a professional vocalist and performer. ANUA approaches school parents and external sponsors to support this ongoing project, for the empowerment of these under privileged youth. We would welcome any sponsorship or funding assistance that could be provided to develop the passion and enthusiasm that some of these youngsters portray, who dream big, just like any youngster will do. Please discuss funding and sponsorship requirements that are needed with ANUA. Contact Person : Paul Kershaw Email: