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Anua School of Music and Performing Arts provides the following tuition facilities: Vocals (Singing) | Musical Instruments (Piano, Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, Violin) | Drama/ Acting.


All in weekly classes of either 30 minutes or 60 minutes duration (same time and day every week). 

** Master Vocal Classes by our Vocal Coach-NicoG (Audition only) are 90 minutes only. 


Anua provides classes from Initial Level up to International Licentiate Diploma Status through Trinity College London’s Internationally certified Syllabus .


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Why Choose ANUA’s Music & Performing Arts School?


ANUA is a School and Education facility where the tutors and coaches are passionate about ensuring the highest levels of education to those who know the value of hard work and who live their dream to make it to the very top and will stay with us all the way through. They have a DREAM! Together we can make that DREAM a reality!


EVERY class is structured and prepared up-front in such a way so the student is encouraged to reach up beyond their comfort zones – whilst at the same time honoring their current potential and abilities.


ANUA accepts new students throughout the year and places them according to their relevant grade – the student can decide in their first year if they wish to start exams, but from the second year on- wards, exams will be offered, so that students process can be properly evaluated on an international level.


Any application received will result in an invitation to meet with the School Principal so that a proper evaluation and discussion can take place before any new student is accepted for education at the School.  This will enable accurate placing of the student with the appropriately certified coach so that optimal achievement can be effectively reached.  


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