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ANUA Rising Star Talent Showcase will be held on Saturday 02 December 2017.

Do you Dance? Sing? Act? Model? Do you Dream of being discovered and travelling internationally? Then DO NOT MISS out! We invite you to Come Show Us Your Talent & then Showcase YOUR Talent!
Enrol today and come craft your own exciting career in the Arts & Entertainment Industry. Everyone must start somewhere!

Live A Life where YOUR Talents have been discovered and are being acknowledged!

The ANUA Rising Stars Talent Showcase is not a beauty contest, nor an ordinary competition irrelevant to real-world industry requirements. In order to enter the exciting world of Arts & Entertainment, our artists and models continually face the ultimate test of being auditioned, interviewed and demonstrating their skills whilst receiving industry relevant education, advice and guidance.

In a world that is becoming increasingly competitive it is of paramount importance that those who wish to work in fashion, film, on stage or on television be given every aid to assure their success.

Dream Big! - Go International!

Pic: ANUA is now searching for aspiring Singers, Actors, Dancers & Models around South Africa

The ANUA Rising Stars Talent Showcase is a unique; professional platform and competition that provides a contemporary and positive approach to acting, modeling, singing and dancing.

Every participant is respected for their courage, abilities and skill. We have created a showcase where one's natural talents can flourish whilst also building a Performing Arts platform that not only nurtures creativity but continues to build each individuals confidence and pride in themselves as not only an artist or model, but also as an individual person!

The ANUA LIVE Showcase offers a tailor-made exclusive annual live performance event that brings the business of the Arts & Entertainment industry in alignment with your highest goals and wildest dreams and one that we, and all our participants can be proud of being part of.

The ANUA Showcase is also the doorway to enter the designer and unique extravaganza showcase of Models & Talent called GoTalent! Performing Arts Talent Showcase (Africa) which is held annually in Gauteng.

(GoTalent! provides the opportunity to become part of a team of well-educated, trained, enthusiastic and passionate individuals to travel to the USA to attend the illustrious showcase of talent from around the world, called IPOP in Los Angeles. IPOP LA = International Presentation of Performers - further info can be obtained by clicking on the GoTalent! link on the sidebar of this page.)

We've had tremendously positive feedback from many who have attended our event and created some wonderful success stories across this platform.
We look forward to meeting you at our Regional Talent Search events and then working together to create an exciting and magnificent celebration of Models and Talented hardworking individuals at our ANUA Showcase!


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