Welcome to ANUA

Situated in the heart of the commercial district of Rynfield, Benoni, (Gauteng Province) ANUA is a private and independently run facility that provides an exciting World of excellent Education and Tuition.


Our approach, at ANUA is founded on the fundamental belief that everyone learns differently at varying speeds and ways. We offer Academics Tuition: HOME-School style Curriculum through IMPAQ (South Africa) for CAPS /GED REGISTERED ACADEMIC TUITION (Grades 5 through Grade 12) on a Full-time Monday through Friday study basis.(8am to 1pm)


Our faculty is a learning place, first; and as a space of connection, second. There is a large difference in this approach, supported by our 3 tier innovative and interactive learning programmes and annual curriculum and syllabi.


At ANUA we go beyond just simply teaching our learners. We facilitate personal attention to developing the best study method to fit the individual and offer youth development and career counselling on a one-on-one basis.


Guided by many years of in-classroom teaching experience, our focus is on you, the student and your future, in an ever-changing world.

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Come Home to Education with Enthusiasm!

Life at ANUA

As a privately run education facility, ANUA focuses on the premise that Education + Experience = Excellence! Our facility of learning offers a protected and nurturing environment that at the same time produces positive results! We invite YOU to come visit and spend a while in our supportive world of education and learning and be motivated by what you see and sense in our exciting world! We are enthusiastic and motivated to deliver the very best and it shows!

Education + Experience

This website will allow any new potential student to find out more about ANUA’s education offerings and curriculum – as well as providing an introduction to the dynamic qualities and educational opportunities that we present to our learners and students. These values are of great importance to us all if we are to success in offering the very best education process we can.