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Our History: Family Values

ANUA is at the forefront of the ARTS & Entertainment Industry as an education facility. It has always been our desire to instil a high level of education in the Performing Arts industry and to allow those that have an incredible gift of talent, to be offered a solid, safe launch into this world of Arts Rising Star potential. The talent that we have discovered and trained has been seen and heard performing in videos, studios, music albums, television and stages not only locally but internationally too.

Please review our Success Stories page for some insight as to what we have achieved, together with our industry partners.

Dream Big! - Go International!

See our side-bar link to connect to our internationally recognised and top-graded ANUA School of Music & Performing ARTS School situated in Benoni (near Johannesburg).

We believe in being prepared, and that everyone has an equal opportunity to pursue their dreams, and make them happen! Our team understands that with proper management, guidance and direction; we are contributing to the most incredible Rising Stars of the next generation, and we remain a Role Model for them to align with.

Our Showcase is a safe place to pursue your dreams and a career in the entertainment industry. We completely support family values, and provide opportunity for full family participation in our experience. We provide an honest and transparent environment in all our Pre-Screening Talent Search Performance Events and our ANUA (A>R>T>S) Live Showcase is a family rated event with strict guidelines in place for all performers and participants! We truly work towards ensuring that you find a high level of quality performance and professional behaviour at our events. Our parents rave of the experiences they had with their children!

Our mission is to promote excellence and integrity without exception, from the initial Pre-Screening Performance where we first meet our new Rising Stars right up to the full Broadway performance stages that is available during the Journey of ARTS...

We ignite passion in young actors, singers, dancers and models, substantiate their deepest dreams, bring focus and direction, encourage, educate, inspire, excite, and explore potential, while instilling good work ethics and teach the importance of honourable conduct. Our goal is always to offer the ultimate level of exposure of South African Rising Star Talent to the hand-picked Talent agencies and Arts Industry Directors that we invite to scout at our Showcase event and this is all facilitated within a safe and productive environment.

Dream Big! - Showcase your Talent!

Left to Right: Taye Brink; Kelvin Thatoo (Overall Winner 2016); Lize-Marie (Top Female Performer 2016) & Jaylee

We endeavour to produce the best talent event in the business by bringing together the finest talent from across the country providing excellent exposure with a dedicated and experienced staff who will always strive to be the best – pledging to use their knowledge and connections to teach, advise, and always support.

Our hope for each contestant is that they learn persistence, patience, and perseverance whilst polishing and demonstrating their talent, and focus on making informed decisions about their future with solid support from family and friends. We strongly encourage family involvement for all ages.

Above all, our greatest desire is to help each person build upon a foundation of confidence and self-esteem that will serve them not only in the entertainment business, but in life too!

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