A World-Leading Academic Curriculum

IMPAQ’s Innovative Education platforms make a significant contribution to education in South Africa. The aim is to have 100 000 learners using their educational solutions by 2020. To achieve this, they need innovative and accessible solutions, committed partners and a strong brand. IMPAQ have transformed their brand to one that relates to all South Africans.

ANUA is aligned with these values and has adopted the educational platform as their curriculum of choice, for all South Africans from all walks of life to work with. IMPAQ currently serves approximately 15 000 home learners, more than 1 500 schools, and a further 1 500 tutors.

Impaq is a developed and popular home education curriculum and service provider and owns Teach360 (school and teacher materials and support) and CAMI (practice software for mathematics, reading, literacy, science, and perceptual skills).

Q: Which examination board is Impaq registered with?

A: Impaq is registered with the South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute (SACAI), an examination board registered with Umalusi.

We stand for quality and value with a proven track record. A brand that you can be proud of. A brand for the future. With this investment in place ANUA looks to further contribute to education in South Africa and we can embrace our passion for education while building a country and youth we can all be proud of.

Study under The International Music Examinations Board

Administered within Southern Africa by ANUA, our students are invited to participate in an curriculum and syllabi certified internationally through a recognized examination board that provides multiple syllabi designed to meet the needs of those teaching and learning music, speech, drama and theatre arts. Examinations are comprehensive and cater for those interested either academically or as a performer.

Pricing of examinations are affordable and more than competitive, yet remain in an international arena of qualification. All work is carefully and sequentially graded. Teachers preparing students for IMEB examinations will have a very sound outline on which to develop their lessons.

In most cases there is no need for teachers or students to purchase new individual syllabus printed books or to purchase separate music scores/sheets – students may continue to use their existing syllabus books. ANUA provides classes in entry level grades right up to college type diplomas and onto Honours certification and university accepted Licentiate programmes.

ANUA provides an education in these chosen fields of endeavor that any student can be proud of. Our classes, courses and educational methods produce world-leading qualified technically excellent students, who understand that the values of dedication, commitment and discipline have led them to their success. ANUA’s School of Music and Performing Arts is also well-known and recognized by leading international schools in New York, Los Angeles and other major global educational centers.

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Charity Outreach Program


Who is Kids Haven?

Kids Haven opened in 1992 to serve the homeless (street) children and children in crisis in the Ekurhuleni region, South Africa. Everything we do is focused on protecting these children and giving them a future. These children require empowerment and education just like children from structured and supported homes.

Community Outreach

Over the last few years, each coach at ANUA has taken on one of the youngsters who live at Kids Haven, and have mentored and taught their students in Music & Performing Arts. The ultimate goal for these struggling youngsters is to ensure that they become self- supportive and are able to earn an income for themselves and their families as they develop their skills and talent. It is imperative to understand that just like any youngster from any home that these homeless youngsters cannot stay at Kids Haven and must be able to carry their own life requirements for themselves at some point.

Success Story

Diana Collage 2017

One of the success stories coming from this program has been Diana (pictured below) who is now working hard to enter the industry as a professional vocalist and performer. ANUA approaches school parents and external sponsors to support this ongoing project, for the empowerment of these under privileged youth. We would welcome any sponsorship or funding assistance that could be provided to develop the passion and enthusiasm that some of these youngsters portray, who dream big, just like any youngster will do. Please discuss funding and sponsorship requirements that are needed with ANUA. Contact Person : Paul Kershaw Email: