The Impaq Tutoring system


Impaq provides a comprehensive set of educational products based on a CAPS aligned curriculum for Grades R – 12 in English and Afrikaans. Their curriculum and related solutions are designed to enable individualised learning and are used to educate learners in schools and at home.

Their exciting educational products are designed to give you full control over your learner’s education.


What does Impaq offer you?


Our learners are always placed at the top of the ladder and are the center of our academic model. Children learn differently and we have developed a model which takes into consideration how children are stimulated to learn and how they process and retain information.


Impaq’s learning model has been developed to achieve the following:

  • – Challenge learners with real-world problems and scenarios and enable them to apply newly acquired knowledge
  • – Cultivate self-directed and individualised learning
  • – Encourage problem-solving and promote critical thinking
  • – Stimulate learners’ innate sense of curiosity
  • – Follow the scaffolding approach, where new knowledge is added on top of existing knowledge – by integrating new and existing knowledge, meaningful connections are made
  • – Allow for formative and summative assessment
  • – Provide facilitators with structured guidance to facilitate the learning process and optimise teaching by enabling learners to work without expert facilitation at times


We are continuously innovating our academic model to address the challenges of our rapidly changing world and to equip learners to be well rounded contributors to society.


ANUA ACADEMICS – A World of Difference

Since 2010, ANUA has provided quality and innovative premier certified education and training to hundreds of young people who have attended our facility. Putting each child first, we have access to the necessary professional products and academic led services to educate each learner in our Tuition Centre. ANUA is a REGISTERED IMPAQ Education facility that provides an annual South African GED CAPS identified Academic Syllabus. We accept Students from Grade 5 – Grade 12 (Matric).



The ANUA Vision..


Our vision is to contribute significantly to the development of our youth in South Africa by providing innovative and accessible education.

Impaq is a high-quality and supportive GED registered CAPS academic curriculum that we have successfully brought into our education facility. We would love to discuss your child’s academic process with you and show why a system of ‘home-schooling’ works well!  Come to ‘School’ Unusual and find out why it works so well!


ANUA Enrolment Availability


We are able to accept new Academic students throughout the calendar year, provided that IMPAQ accepts their registration for the balance of the year.


Ask Yourself.. How Important is Your Child’s Happiness to you?


 Youngsters within the education system are often not able to cope with their daily lessons and lag behind in their studies and become stressed. Parents too, will respond to this type of situation in different ways – but they also may not understand the work laid out for their child themselves. This causes a large amount of stress and anxiety for many people. The best solution for such situations could be to bring child to our uplifting and inspiring education centre away from the mainstream, overcrowded schooling system and focus on what is important: Your Child.

Please do review a few of the many benefits that you could get by bringing  your child home to our Academic Learning and education facility. Come visit us to discuss your concerns and let’s find a way that works best for this young learner – they deserve the best approach possible possible and will always rise to the occasion when they feel happy and motivated.

Learning is more interesting..

Many children who are struggling to pass in their grades are finding learning a difficult process.

They are pressurized by the speed of the teachers at school as well as their friends who they feel may be better than them. This type of factors will obviously bring down their performance.
Our educators at ANUA Academics are trained to change this attitude of the child. They utilize various techniques to make leaning much more interesting and fun. By making use of modern methodologies of teaching, our education facility provides a better environment for each student to keep up with his/her studies.

Increases Confidence

Most of the students who fail to perform well in exams usually feel frustrated and disappointed. This affects their confidence level making them reserved and often withdrawn. They compare themselves with their successful peers and cave in under the pressure. Many feelings and experiences both at school and in the home environment creates conflict within a child and may thus  reduce confidence level.

At ANUA , we provide a positive and openly creative environment for every student. As a result it boosts confidence levels and thereby enable one to achieve better study results in a shorter period of time. Education with Enthusiasm is our key process for all progress made in our class structure.

Various Options

If a student is weaker in any particular subject then our Academics process offers special coaching days in those chosen subjects.

Individual-based needs of each student are examined and responded to – with strong results being achieved.

ANUA is able to discuss all these aspects appropriately and create a specific plan of action which involves not only the study-methods used, but also include the home study dynamics and in-class approach on a more personal level of attention.

New Learning Approach

At ANUA our academic educators apply various new modern techniques that will develop interest for learning in the minds of the student. Special subjects that needs more attention like Maths or Science tuition are facilitated through a special skills or subject day per week.

By making use of the new learning strategies the student  performs well without any additional pressure placed on them and results are more defined.

Quick Improvement

It’s often seen that many children find it difficult to understand the subjects when they are taught in crowd or mainstream class situation. This is the main benefit of the tuition centre.

Individual attention is given to the child that makes him/her more open to the required learning process. When the learner finds the subject interesting this  boosts better performance ultimately improving their exams result. Improvements in grades happen efficiently and dynamically.

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