Welcome to ANUA

Situated in the heart of the commercial district of Northmead, Benoni, (Gauteng Province) ANUA is a private and independently run facility that provides an exciting World of excellent Education and Tuition.


Our approach, at ANUA is founded on the fundamental belief that everyone learns differently at varying speeds and ways.



Our faculty is a learning place, first; and as a space of connection, second. There is a large difference in this approach, supported by our 3 tier innovative and interactive learning programmes and annual curriculum and syllabi.


At ANUA we go beyond just simply teaching our learners. We facilitate personal attention to developing the best study method to fit the individual and offer youth development and career counselling on a one-on-one basis.


Guided by many years of in-classroom teaching experience, our focus is on you, the student and your future, in an ever-changing world.


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At ANUA any student can choose to work with either our Academics curriculum, or study either weekly, part-time or full-time in our Performing Arts classes and International Diploma courses:


Academics Tuition: HOME-School style Curriculum through IMPAQ (South Africa) for CAPS /GED REGISTERED ACADEMIC TUITION (Grades 5 through Grade 12) on a Full-time Monday through Friday study basis.(8am to 1pm)

Vocals, Music & Performing Arts education through accreditation with THE INTERNATIONAL MUSIC EXAMINATIONS BOARD (IMEB-SA–Australia) – which offers Initial Grades right through to internationally recognized College Level Diplomas and University recognized Licentiate Teacher certification Curriculum for Singing, Music & Dramatic, Performing or Theatrical Arts on either a Weekly, Part-time or Full-time (Diploma) study basis.

Find Out More About our Innovative & Interactive Learning Program Here:

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Choose between Academics OR Music OR Dramatic Arts OR Performing Arts Curriculum


ANUA Platforms

Academic Tuition

Impaq provides a comprehensive set of educational products based on a CAPS aligned curriculum for Grades 5 – 12 in English and Afrikaans. The curriculum and related solutions are designed to enable individualized learning and are used to educate learners in schools and at home. The Syllabus offers full support over each learner’s education.

Follow the Link for more information.

Music & Performing Arts

As a privately run Educational Facility, ANUA focuses on the premise that Education + Experience = Excellence!

Our educational platform offers a nurturing environment that at the same time supports a family style quality of life and value system. Through our motto of ‘Excellence’ and application of self-reliance and preparation, our learners focus on their own independent, resilient and self-motivated evolution.

School of Modelling

ANUA’s vibrant School of Modelling attracts students who not only wish to learn how to become a model but also desire to break into the modelling industry.

We offer weekly group Modelling classes for both female and male students, created with the understanding that the model who is willing to do the work is the one that will be sought-after in such a competitive industry.

Gold Talent Global Network International

Our Performers and Models are afforded the biggest potential to take their career International.  Gold Talent International Global Network is a premier arts and talent/model platform that is registered as a Regional Director Member of The International Presentation of Performers (or iPOP!) held in Los Angeles, California USA twice per year. This platform scouts, auditions and trains suitable talent and provides personal invitations to participate @ iPOP! – our success stories have been mind-blowing! 

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Come Home to Education with Enthusiasm!

Life at ANUA

As a privately run education facility, ANUA focuses on the premise that Education + Experience = Excellence! Our facility of learning offers a protected and nurturing environment that at the same time produces positive results! We invite YOU to come visit and spend a while in our supportive world of education and learning and be motivated by what you see and sense in our exciting world! We are enthusiastic and motivated to deliver the very best and it shows!

Education + Experience

This website will allow any new potential student to find out more about ANUA’s education offerings and curriculum – as well as providing an introduction to the dynamic qualities and educational opportunities that we present to our learners and students. These values are of great importance to us all if we are to success in offering the very best education process we can.

ANUA Curriculum

To learn successfully, partnering with a successful educational facility that offers depth, experience and ability is essential. ANUA is that education facility.


OR Academic Tuition: The more senior Academic Phase (Grade 5 to 9) AND FET Phase (Grade 10 to 12) (CAPS Accredited & GED certified)

Meet our Team

Nico Goosen
Principal Director/Performing Arts Coach
Paul Kershaw
Creative Director/Media Liason
Talisha Naidoo
Creative Designer/ Administrator
Ena Pieterse

Academic Tutor

Kamogelo Phetla

Vocal | Piano | Drama Coach

Michael Van Niekerk

Guitar & Drum Coach

Community Outreach Program


Kids Haven – Community Service

Kids Haven opened in 1992 to serve the homeless (street) children and children in crisis in the Ekurhuleni region, South Africa. Everything they do is focused on protecting these children and giving them a future. These children require structure, nurturing,  empowerment and education just like children from any supported home.

Community Outreach

Over the last few years, our coaches at ANUA has taken one of the youngsters who live at Kids Haven, mentored and taught them as students of Music & Performing Arts. The ultimate goal for these struggling youngsters is to ensure that they become self-supportive and are able to earn an income for themselves and their families as they develop their skills and talent. It is imperative to understand that just like any youngster from any home that these homeless youngsters cannot stay forever at Kids Haven and must be able to carry their own life requirements for themselves at some point.

Success Story!

Diana Collage 2017

One of the success stories coming from this program has been the beautiful young lady, Diana (pictured below) who is now working hard to enter the industry as a professional vocalist and performer. ANUA approaches school parents and external sponsors to support this ongoing project, for the empowerment of these drastically under-privileged youth.We would welcome any sponsorship or funding assistance that could be provided to develop the passion and enthusiasm that some of these youngsters portray, who dream big, just like any youngster will do.  Please help us to help them and discuss funding and sponsorship requirements that are needed! Contact Person : Paul Kershaw     Email: thecrew@anua.co.za